Friday, November 27, 2009

In with the old....

I like to shop as much as the next girl. If the next girl is Paris Hilton, that is. 

I spend ridiculous amounts of time, money and energy on finding that perfect dress/top/pair of shoes and usually end up buying nothing that I wanted but yet somehow need to have THAT INSTANT.

But today the magical doors have opened to a whole new realm - vintage clothes shopping. Yes, I realise I am approximately 2003 with this but what can I say - we can't all be surfing the zeitgest all the time. Plus, that vintage smell put me off (kind of like old people and musty shoes ...niiice).

I've been hearing about the joys of vintage for ages from Harriet (read her stuff here), and she finally coerced me through the doors of a 'previously loved' store. I was instantly seduced by the designer labels. And then the price tags on said labels. Hey, I can forget about the smelly dead person who used to wear it for that price. 

I even forgot about the smell in the shop. 

And the sales assistant was lovely and more interested in talking about her second home in Malibu (she must sell a lot of clothes) than following people around the shop in the guise of 'helping'. 

We eventually found the dream dress (Galliano dahlings) and still spent 30 minutes examining it from all angles. No one even minded. It's like shoppers heaven. 

Old is the new cool. It's my new motto.