Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We're all winners :)

There's the Baftas, the IFTAs, even the Oscars, but really, do we care?? You and I both know it's all about the Irish Blog Awards this year. 
And yours truly has even blagged a nomination! 
......Hence my lack of interest in anything else. 

This year's list is one to be proud of - a diverse reflection of the Irish online. There's the seasoned experts who blog about ice cream or the state of the nation, but I've always loved the photo blogs the best - the pictures that you wish you had taken, in places you wish you had been. 

My favourites are too myriad to list here, but the beautifully titled Half a Dream Away or the amazing shots in North Atlantic Skyline are well worth a look. 

One of my all time favourites has been nominated in the 'group blog' section - the heart grabbing The Lives of Others. There's few things that draw me back time and again, but this is one of them; sometimes uplifting, sometimes downright maudlin, it's like peeking inside strangers heads. And bloody addictive. 

My offering falls under the 'personal blog' category, which showcases some of the best blogs out there, so I don't have a chance with my irregular musings, but I am touched to the bottom of my ickle pink heart that I have been nominated. Thanks guys!

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  1. Yay! Congrats on your nomination! Fingers crossed for you!