Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh look! A shiny thing....!

Immediacy has never been a major concern of mine. I have exceptionally long fingers with which to put things upon, and I'm not afraid to use them. I just have to do something else first....

So, in this grand spirit of procrastination, I have been doing the following instead of updating this blog: 
  1. Googling random and pointless trivia. With interesting results, mind*
  2. Running outside to catch each guerrilla attack of sunshine. I need all the vitamin D I can get. Slim pickings in Dublin in April.
  3. Undertaking a fruitless (chocolateless?) diet in the hopes of shifting my cigarette stone. Even Easter eggs were banned. It's been a sad month.
  4. Working. The scourge of the drinking classes.
  5. Finally reading the Twilight series and nurturing my inner 14 year old. She fancies Edward.
*who knew the Fortycoats is Ian Dempsey's dad, for example? Shocker!

I promise, I'll do better in future. Ray of sunshine or not. 


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  2. Splendid post I know the feeling on updating the blog and I can relate to those long fingers :) I usually find I do my blog entries when I have to do something like wash the dishes or cleaning ;)

  3. EVERYONE fancies Edward, sigh.